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Hai everyone welcome back to my blog,now i want to share tips and trick how to get a perfect selfie,selfie is famous activity now,selfies spread viruses, everyone like doing selfie,take their self picture.
Selfi is capturing self , evolve over quality gadgets,for who likes art phtography selfie you will look good, let’s tips selfie perfectπŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
β€’ face
Use primary /foundation/Bb Cream use on the face, in order to cover the skin.And then use makeup enough like lipstick,red or hot pink Lipstick,or Nude, still timeles , affirmed makeup eyes, lips and eyebrows because that’s where the best parts of the face for selfie 😘 πŸ™
β€’ poses / how to capture
Find the angle that good, good room light which most good at out door, do not take with direct lightning Because the beam of light can create shadows in your photo, turn off your flash camera Because flash can make your photo looks blurry,use the 360 application camera more rugged and soft ,with normal filter ,take picture from above that better angle For face, take your picture repeatedly doe satisfactory results , usually within 20 shoot only 1 hand-picked the best ​​.
β€’ Save your picture on your phone and you can edit the filter if it’s for you like unfiltered
β€’ share to your social media
Happy selfie .. Wish u Luck πŸ™ 😘 😘
Thank you for reading everyone.Hope you like it .