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Hai everyone welcome back to my blog,i want to talk about my photo below,i collect silver color in this photo and some of items in this photo has cheap price. I think fashion is not all brands and expensive items, we could bring a fashion at affordable prices. I think it depends people’s taste, fashion is great when we could bring something unique style with cheap price but good looking,although expensive and cheap is relative, but I think there are certain standards of an expression of price.I was talking about one of the colors that I like, is silver.In my eyes sparkling silver show style and elegance, and in this picture each item has a price below 300 K, some import but not branded.Fashion doesn’t always have to be branded as long as you bring and combine it with worth will look attractive. I love this silver phone case,this cute case I got from an online shop on instagram, @schoonrooms, at prices below 200k This case is quite strong and decent, the material is good, strong and very tidy.Maybe the glitter photo below is silver fashion style i have. I am sure each of you has a different style, may i know fashion in silver color like what you have? and how do you think about this photo?

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy .

Xoxo đź’‹